Our Services

Our partners together with our experience and structure ensure the total integration of our service, with the mission of finding innovating ways to solve each logistics challenge.

  • Foreign Business

    Foreign Business

    Our foreign services are administered by experienced and qualified teams, specialized in the import and export areas as well as Drawback management and special customs regimes. Counting on :
    • Consolidation and deconsolidation of goods by air, sea and road;
    • Picking up in the factories for international shipments;
    • Coordenation and follow up on the international shipments;
    • Management of foreign exchange contracts;
    • Analysis and advice on tax classifications;
    • Customs clearance in the main ports, airport and national borders;
    • Drawback complete management;
    • Analysis and issuing on documents;
    • Samples clearance;

  • Storage


    ECX Global counts with a General Warehouse certificate, ensuring to your customers tranquility that your goods are safe for the necessary period of time. For both general and chemical goods our warehouses are equipped and controlled by trusted professionals, skilled in handling the goods, preventing any damage or loss.
    - General Warehouse;
    - Chemical Warehouse;
    - Spaces for rental;
    - Loading of goods;
    - Storage Control Report;
    - Load and unload goods;
    - Gatehouse with 24 hours security.

  • Logistic Management

    Logistic Management

    The Logistic Management of ECX Global is responsable for all distritbution management of goods in all over Brazil. Our team act in the full planning of the logistics operation, adopting strategies for ensuring the delivery of goods at the time and local determined.
    - Picking and Packing;
    - Dedicated operation;
    - Distribution Management;
    - Inventory and kitting;
    - Road, Air and Cabotage transportation;
    - Customer Service dedicated;
    - Transport of complete cargo (FTL);
    - Accompanied baggage in flights;
    - Charter of cargo aircraft.

  • Tranportation


    The tranport services done by ECX Global give to the customers security in the delivery of goods, counting with a tracking system as well as risk and insurance management in full time operation. Both long and short distances, our services are offered in a personalized way, identifying and meeting the needs of our customers and enabling security and reliable operation.
    - Own tranportation to Notheast Region;
    - Picking up and delivery with dedicated operations;
    - Transport of export and import goods (ports and airports);
    - Tracking and management of all trucks in Brazil and Argentina;